Astrid M. Obert is an established Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer. Astrid started her creative career at the young age of 17 and today she is known for her perfection of light.

Her first publication was in February 2000 for STERN Magazin, which opened the gateways to her international career.

The new generation photographer has built her name by specializing in Advertising, Fashion & Lifestyle.
Astrid get’s her inspiration from traveling, connecting with like-minded creatives and close friends.

Productions with Astrid are top notch and fun with touches of crazy inspired creativeness. Her strengths include bringing the best out of her models & team supported by her professional longstanding career.

Astrid has built a commercial customer base that includes established agencies and renowned Iifestyle brands.

Astrid M Obert Photography

Astrid offers her customers the full range of production services that is required for a professional implementation of your ideas in the photo and advertising industry.

Through years of experience and collaboration with a national and international team and partners, she has developed an effective workflow that allows you to tailor your needs to the best possible results.